I offer knowledge where questions abound. Not because I have all the answers, but because I seek knowledge, know my limitations and do not hesitate to ask the right people, the right question so that I’m assured the right answer. If you try too hard to be smart, or more intelligent than you are; people will begin to stay clear of what you have to say…..and you.

I have (30) years of executive business experience, 5 decades of life’s lessons and (24) years of marital and family wisdom and advice.

Making life better for those who seek help can only be described in today’s world as heroic!  Dominant self-centered egomaniac narcissistic behavior has TRUMPED being a supporting nurturing soul to others in an egregious way.  But all is not lost, as long as we continue to have HOPE!


Stay positive, the option is too much to carry around all day!! Give yourself (15) minutes to deal with an issue, then log it into history. If you know the catalyst that caused it, steer clear in the future; if the catalyst is unknown…unapologetically seek the truth!!!


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