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Election 2016 Consciousness

Conscientious Disruptors

Can we talk?  The other day I accidentally on purpose overheard a couple of people having a heated discussion of an unprecedented presidential election coming up in November.  It turns out that the United States of America, bless her majestic heart, is on the cusp of Greatness. but the people refuse to set aside partisanship in order to recognize the triumphs.

I know right?  This nation, which should be elated about how far they’ve come since their most recent great depression, has chosen to adopt a less than civil attitude towards their candidates of choice, and each other for that matter.  Don’t get me wrong, their country still has a long way to go to bridge their financial, gender and human equality gaps before they can declare a full recovery. And there could be an argument or two regarding how long it took to even get this far.

But that’s all substance for a healthy intellectual debate. What has become painfully evident is that there is an outright intolerance for character disagreements amongst the patrons.

Where did THAT come from? Or has it always been there under a cloak of unified civility? Like molten lava just beneath the earth’s crust, constantly nudging for a weak layer, lying in wait for the opportunity to burst through and declare freedom!

…Sorry…I digress…

Back on point.

What has become one of the most puzzling aspects to me is that both political majority parties have chosen unique and unprecedented candidates to lead them. Which at any other time in history would be cause for mass celebrations.

I mean just look at these candidacy overviews:

  • One candidate has absolutely no political background or preconceived notions of a bureaucratic agenda. Doesn’t care for political correctness and prefers to speak their mind openly and without filters. Has acquired extreme wealth, but is willing to do what the everyday common people want/need.
  • The other candidate who represents the cornerstone of the nation’s fabric of existence in family values as a wife, mother, grandmother and first female elected to represent a major political party in the history of The United States.   Experienced, poised, smart and knows how to get things done Internationally without compromising the nation’s safety.

You would not believe how divisive the voting communities have become over what should be a highly spirited debate for the Whitehouse.  The two camps are diametrically opposed in their sentiments and views. Which has stirred up some extreme anger and hostility that has absolutely NO PLACE in a society based on equality and fairness.  The disruption has no boundaries as it has ignited heated debates among families and friends, neighbors and co-workers as well as students and teachers.  The other day I was in the grocery store of all places, when out of the blue two ladies were arguing with a young male checkout clerk in an attempt to persuade him to their way of political thinking.

WHAT’S HAPPENING?  How can there be such passionate arguments over the views of the same two people? In response, I light-heartedly coined the below title from a book written by Ph.D. John Gray in 2009 that attempted to describe the differences between men and women, and have applied it to the strangely similar candidate views of this election:



Anyone following this election knows of which I speak.  If you’re not familiar, because of the rock under which you have called your domicile for the past year and a half doesn’t have cable or Internet access, I would like to illustrate for you a sample of the conversations that are happening in our social media almost nightly:

“OMG! Really Brian? What part of Trump’s rhetoric are you falling for? How could you even think about sending a fraud like that to the Whitehouse? He is a Bigot, a Racist, a Sexist homophobe with extreme narcissistic tendencies.   You’ve changed man…really, I worry about you!”

“Hillary Clinton is not only a crook, she’s a two-faced, cheating, wife of a prick with no more sense than God gave a Turnip. Benghazi was her fault and, and, and, if you ask anyone with half a brain they will tell you that she willfully and with malice deleted those 33,000 emails to hide her so-called platonic relationship with Vladimir Putin! Look it up!”

And they just go on and on and on…

  • “ Are you calling me a liar? She said it more than once!”
  • “He wasn’t talking about that when he said it.”
  •  “Oh yes she did!”
  •  “NO! I’m telling you for the last time, Trump’s wife NEVER posed NAKED!”
  •  “…so let me get this right.  You AND your wife know this for a fact!”
  •  “It’s all over Wikipedia man, there’s this NEW THING called the INTERNET!!! You should give it a try…. you fascist idiot moronic imbecile!!”
  •  “Who you calling a fascist??!!!??”

 At some point, at least that’s what I keep telling myself, they will all tire of the hostility and eventually go about their normal everyday business of humble living.  But I don’t believe that will happen until sometime after the November 8th election. Until then we’ll just have to endure and try to rise up.

Personally, I place most of the blame for this escalation of hostility squarely on the shoulders of Al Gore for creating the Internet in the first place.  The secondary level of blame will go to Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and his Faceless-Book!  Where people can and do embrace the Charters of Freedom and are endowed with certain inalienable rights to type what’s on their minds openly and freely from behind sheltered keyboards and obscured touchpads.

I for one welcome a time on social media where healthy intellectual debates on the issues that really matter take place, and where there is:

  1. Respect for the other’s opinion
  2. No tolerance for vulgarity
  3. Controlled tempers and temperament
  4. Equal listening to responding
  5. Less name calling and more objection silence

We are all unique participants in this thing called life.  And as individuals, we should recognize that we will have differences of opinions, tastes and expected outcomes. In order to help the process of mending fences along, I wish to offer the following little ditty:    -no, not about Jack and Diane-


I apologize to anyone that I may have offended regarding your candidate of choice in this election cycle.  My views, as I have come to reconcile, are no more important than yours and I respect the fact that we both want the best for our country and our families.

If our passions appeared to be on opposite sides of the fence, it’s because we arrived at the fence from two different angles.  I came from the West, and you came from the East.  What you’ve seen, heard and lived through is very different than my experiences.  But neither of us has cornered the market on trials and tribulations and therefore don’t have the rights to declare our versions of a single Silver Bullet solution.

This country did not fall apart overnight, and we cannot expect it to be healed by one election, one person or one ideology appointed in November.  Safety, Prosperity, Health and Freedom are what we all want, desire and deserve in this great nation of ours. How we get there has far less to do with who is in the Whitehouse, and everything to do what is deep and true within our hearts and minds.

This election should not cost friendships, family or relations.  Humility will be our salvation, or our undoing.

Here’s to your candidate ending up right where they should be at the end of this election, and to you continuing to live a life full of purpose and Joy!!