The November Senate elections are just around the corner and what people want most out of the races is a more consistent and trustworthy governing body. Your vote will help align our future with the most influential policy makers that have our TRUE best interests at heart. Often when I’m asked what I feel are our “best interests” as a nation and a body of people, I respond that each of us wants nothing more than to live our lives under what I call the 4-H’s.

We wish and aspire for:
1. Happiness in our daily lives.
2. Hospitality towards our differences.
3. Hope for a more prosperous tomorrow.
4. Healthy minds, body and spirit to enjoy our todays.

Beyond these fundamental truths are the impracticalities of life that have us stressed, overweight, bullied, divorced, fired and incarcerated in staggering numbers.

Baby boomers and millennials alike share in a belief that in order to allow ourselves to be great, we have to integrate positive change into our lives that align our values with our goals and aspirations. The counterproductive issue is that some of our goals and aspirations sometimes are far too granular and often focus on THINGS. When we refuse to approach a more macro view of the world we wish to live in, we all conjure our own “version of the truth” as to what’s needed, how we get there and who will lead us.

Some of us more mature Baby Boomer constituents have a more idealistic view of the future based on our common core values that are predicated on our past. We’ve lived during and through a nation at war that wasn’t broadcast daily on CNN. Not only dealing with the “evil-doers” abroad, but right here on our sacred soil. We’ve watched historic marches for equality, mourned leaders and martyrs, and watched our nation emerge stronger through each seemingly insurmountable adversity. We’ve built a resounding confidence in change and our hope for a better tomorrow. We know things will change, they always do. Sometimes for the better and sometimes the changes make us shake our heads and frown with disappointment. But we never lose hope, because without it we would perish in a version of the here today / gone tomorrow reality shows we’re horrified to watch…. each week religiously…

The millennial group have eye witnessed more adversity, tragedies and catastrophes than any generation before them. Our hunger for sensationalism, and not so much fact based reporting, in our news and tweets and posts has cultivated their young minds and made them less eager to believe in a person. This has caused them to question authority, find new perspectives on life and seek alternate routes towards the pursuit of happiness. Their loyalties are forever evolving and dynamic which causes them to be more apt to trade their current values for the ones that appear to be most popular and seemingly on target to succeed. They know what they want and are open to change to achieve their goals. They want to make a difference in the world and are willing to sacrifice yesterday’s accomplishments for tomorrow’s triumphs. Loyalty resides where the actions speak louder than words and the sound bites reflect their visions of tomorrow…Political Party affiliation is far less important to them.

This is a WINNING trait for this group of individuals. We are in a new world order that has yet to be defined. Historians in the future will brand our times with some sort of “revolution” as we have done in the past. We are growing at an almost alarming rate, and with that rapid growth comes what we lovingly call growing pains. These pains demand to be felt and will NOT be ignored. They are simply a byproduct of our converging technological advancements in cloud communications and aspiring quantum leaps in renewable energy sources.

To cast your vote without fully looking at where we’ve been, how we got here and where we need to be will keep us right where we are today. Those who have been in power may not be the ones who will ALLOW us to be GREAT! Leaders who don’t change; need to be changed.

TOMORROW will look nothing like TODAY, so let go of YESTERDAY!