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The November Senate elections are just around the corner and what people want most out of the races is a more consistent and trustworthy governing body. Your vote will help align our future with the most influential policy makers that have our TRUE best interests at heart. Often when I’m asked what I feel are our “best interests” as a nation and a body of people, I respond that each of us wants nothing more than to live our lives under what I call the 4-H’s.

We wish and aspire for:
1. Happiness in our daily lives.
2. Hospitality towards our differences.
3. Hope for a more prosperous tomorrow.
4. Healthy minds, body and spirit to enjoy our todays.

Beyond these fundamental truths are the impracticalities of life that have us stressed, overweight, bullied, divorced, fired and incarcerated in staggering numbers.

Baby boomers and millennials alike share in a belief…

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